The FIRST Robotics Competition District Leaderboard allows teams participating in FRC Districts (geographic areas) to view details about their performance in competitions, and ranking in comparison to the other teams in their District. The leaderboard system uses a publicly available process to rank the teams, and top ranked teams are invited to participate in additional competitions, such as their District Championship or the FIRST World Championship.

You can learn more about the ranking process on this page. The official process is maintained and managed by FIRST- this website is the only official source of District rankings.


The District Leaderboard will provide, when available, updated rankings of teams in a given District as matches are played at local competitions, and as a result, rankings may not always reflect the same for each team (such as one team having played two events, but another only having played one). Information displayed by leaderboard will be subject to changes, corrections and updates as the season progresses.
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